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My Graphic Design Story

Never fly solo. We all need a designer in our corner!!!

Being an artist is freedom — permission to go against  the grain.

Nicole Collie Jamison has been an artist all her life.

Nicole is a graphic designer with the perfect combination of skill, taste, and communication techniques to bring your vision to life. She asks the right questions, shares her expert opinion, and guides clients through the ideation process. Her approach is client-focused with emphasis on the longterm project vision. Through consultation and ongoing communication, Nicole easily navigates multiple requests, perfectly marrying ideas that fit the broader concept. She has designed dozens of logos, brands, and websites, and has illustrated two childrens' books. She prides herself on her ability to interpret the desires of her clients, and deliver precisely what they need. Her creativity knows no bounds, and she is fearless, bold colors and color combinations being her signature. Nicole has a magic touch, always able to bring ideas to life.

This is who I am... A Graphic Designer

Nicole Collie - Graphic Designer
Nicole Collie - Graphic Designer

“Being creative is about living life and finding the beauty in it. Being true to oneself is being creative.”

My Fine Art

Fine Art

Nicole started painting with watercolors as a child with the same seven colors that come in paint book kits for children. She never aspired to be a doctor or lawyer. She wanted to be free.

About Me

About Me

     I am, first and foremost, a mother of a 16-year-old young man. My son was in kindergarten when I
realized I was losing time with him and decided to quit my “corporate” job to open an art gallery. It hurt
my soul that I wasn’t spending time with him any more; his teachers and grandmother were raising
him. It would be so late by the time I picked him up in the evening that I would only have about two
hours with him before bedtime. Choosing my son over work pushed me into following my dream. My art
gallery was a place I could share with him and show him how important it is to follow your dreams.
In 2008, I left The Bahamas and went back to school to get my Bachelors in Graphic Design. Again, it
has been all about my son—needing to be a stable disciplinarian and be there for the important and
precious moments in his life.


     I have grown intentionally, in both body and mind, throughout adulthood. As a young adult, I was called
terrible names, and people tried to “motivate” me with mean comments about my body, even offering
me money to lose weight. Family members told me they were embarrassed to be seen with me, and
boyfriends expressed dissatisfaction with my body. I struggled with the body I lived in until my beautiful

    I’ve been painting nudes for 20 years, and it started as an act of rebellion. I did it for shock value.
Raised in a modest home where nudity was never spoken of, I knew my parents wouldn’t be pleased.
Conservative Bahamian culture made it particularly difficult for my father to accept my art.
I pushed through my twenties, when my self esteem was at rock bottom, having to defend my work.
Today, I love myself without apology, and my art speaks for itself. Entering this new phase of my career,
I am publishing an art book. This is one more step toward my dream of getting an MFA in Painting.

“Women need to be cherished, protected, cared for and loved. We are tender with our love, and we nurture our families, often forgetting about ourselves.”

Nicole has been painting nudes for over 20 years, using her art to push boundaries and challenge the way people think about women’s bodies. She wants to change the way women view themselves, stripping away the criticism they are taught at an early age, filling them with pride in their strength and vulnerabilities. Hers is a positive voice of love and acceptance, communicating with colors and shapes on canvas, representing the strength, majesty, and beauty of women.




If you envision a world where your gift is shared widely, contact me...

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