Keeping Watch_2021_Nicole Collie

I paint because I love color and I enjoy telling stories of pride and respect. I paint the female form in its most divine state: nude. My aspirations as an artist is to expose the love that a woman has for life, to share her thoughts, her passions, and her gift of love that she gives so freely.

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Nicole Collie

I create art that represents the strength, majesty, and beauty of women and their bodies. Women are
incredible creatures, filling big shoes as mothers, lovers, caregivers, housekeepers, wives, and friends,
all while working. In my paintings, I portray our ability to do it all. I create space for women to appreciate
and care for their bodies as much as they care for the world around them—a world that they nurture
and protect. By painting women’s bodies, I am helping to build a world where we recognize health and
beauty as relative to ourselves and incomparable to others. My art is meant to inspire women to look at
“imperfections” like stretch marks, and see the beauty. Mine are from my son, reminding me of the road
I traveled to have him. Having found the place where I can look in the mirror and love what I see, I want
to welcome other women into a world where they don’t apologize for their bodies, but recognize the
power they hold.


Lifes Journey_2021_Nicole Collie